Bio-rhythmic Symbiosis

Bio-rhythmic Olfactory Symbiosis is the reverse of atomisation. It is the eight hour process of the perfume revealing its earthy and musky base notes in their simplest form. The symbiosis is different for every person as ‘skin DNA’, temperature and pulse produces a bio-rhythmic distillation of the perfume.

The perfume is oil based so evaporation is not artificially induced by alcohol burn off as per traditional lower class ethanol based perfumes.

The perfume notes are at their strongest on first application, a concerto of aromatic wonderment. The first reveal happens within thirty minutes when the perfume drops the clashing notes to tune into your specific skin DNA. The perfume is then delicately balanced, a sonnet of fragrance groups that fade to reveal just the earthy or musky notes.

During the next one and a half hours, the symbiosis magnifies the perfume as the first impression top notes sing out their aromas.

The perfume becomes an evolving sensory experience over the next four hours as the heart middle notes come to prominence. The aromatic garden of greens, herbs, floras and spice drift from your skin. The mellowing and mesmerising liberation of the perfume heart fading gently in tune with the accord of your bio-rhythms.

The sixth hour is a crescendo of olfaction where the unctuous velvety and aromatic woody scents resonate from your pulse point. A magnification of the heady scents of a forest as dusk falls when the herb and flora subside for the alluring damp comforting aromas of moss and balsam.

Then the perfume fades to the earth where it was born. The musk starting animal life and the earth germinating the vegetation that feeds the Pincerna garden of fourteen hermetic botanicals.